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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

pink n green cuppies

forget abt my pic's quality... just focus on the cuppies... i really adore this 2 color combinations... to me, it's very attractive... order came from a new cutomer pn hjh zubaidah, wanted to try my cuppies.. kalo ok baru nak oder utk wedding anak dia... so, i pun buat la seada nya, chocolate cuppies with any design of my choise... so, that the result... she likes it so much, alhamdulillah....

1 comment:

Hally said...

mcm pernah ku lihat gamba cupcakes ni..
ooo hally kenal kak ita ni..
dia ni 1 opis ngn hally dulu..
wah kecik nya dunia..
tarikh kawen dia pn sama ngn hally ni..