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Monday, June 9, 2008


Hai everyone... this is to annouce that Fathers Day Promotion is on... Kindly pick n choose ur cuppies to be given to ur loved ones... at the moment i am in the process of designing one nice yet simple gift package for this special day...
ok.. now i have done few designs, check it out....

Design 1

Design 2

jadi... silalah membuat pilihan, mana2 yg berkenan, idea tak berapa nak mari la masa buat tu, ini je yg rasa2 ok... cuppies flavour can be vanilla or chocolate, choc toppings with buttercream for decoration... tetapi... kalo ada yg nak lain dr ni pun, ok la, bgtau je. atau mungkin nak order kek oren ke (atau lain2 kek)... pun boleh... cuma sms, call atau email je kat akaks ni.... selamat....

package price :

any design of ur choice,

7 (L size)cuppies in transparent casing = rm17

7 (L size) cuppies in a transparent casing + card = rm22

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